Gold Dust Woman

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Gold Dust Woman:

Today I am excited to show you guys these totally awesome round sunglasses! Gene Big Round Metal Sunglasses in Gold. I was buying similar ones from another site previously, but unfortunately for a lot more $$! On Wholesale Celebshades these babies cost only $16.00! Where have you been all my life <3

Check them out on their website HERE!

*Sunglasses: Wholesale Celebshades
Jacket: Barrio Vintage
Dress: Vintage
Boots: Etsy

We all sang the songs of peace

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We all sang the songs of peace:

For Todays Look I want to feature these rad octagon sunnies from Wholesale Celebshades! Autumn 8-sided octagon shaped sunglasses. Large gold metal frame with soft nose-guards for added quality.  They are sepia tinted and the frames are huge!
Check them out HERE and the rest of the sunglasses from Wholesale Celebshades~~

*Octagon Sunglasses: Wholesale Celebshades
Top: Barrio Vintage
Skirt: Barrio Vintage
Belt: Barrio Vintage

Care Free

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Care Free:

Todays look is really simple.  Bohemian Cotton Gauze Tunic with a round statement belt.  I am enjoying my last 5 weeks in hawaii until my next vacation! Washington->Canada->Alaska!  I am so excited to experience the weather in these areas! Hopefully this island girl wont freeze, lol.

*Tunic: Jens Pirate Booty
Belt: Bought off Poshmark

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