Care Free

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Care Free:

Todays look is really simple.  Bohemian Cotton Gauze Tunic with a round statement belt.  I am enjoying my last 5 weeks in hawaii until my next vacation! Washington->Canada->Alaska!  I am so excited to experience the weather in these areas! Hopefully this island girl wont freeze, lol.

*Tunic: Jens Pirate Booty
Belt: Bought off Poshmark

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White Light

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White Light

Todays Dress is from an online store called Front Row Shop!  You can get this dress from their website HERE!
This is  a dress that is made from a delicate fabric.  It features a scoop neckline, raglan sleeves with a key hole back.  The design is an All-over carved flower pattern.  100% polyester.

The best part about this dress is that is is currently ON SALE from $69.00 to $34.50.

Dont miss out on this great lace piece!

Dress: Front Row Shop
Necklace: Stardust Bohemian

Bold as Love

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Bold as Love:

Today I thrifted this badass purple velvet blazer.  I was getting Jimi Hendrix vibes all over.

Blazer: Savers
top: brandy melville
skirt: brandy melville
belt: barrio vintage

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white lace

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white lace:

I recently went thrifting and I found a white lace vintage looking curtain! the same day I turned it into a kimono.  Ive been wanting a white lace piece to wear for the summer, im so glad I found it!  Hopefully i can find more vintage fabrics to make kimonos out of.  I think I like being a one of a kind piece designer, mass sewing is too hard on me @____@

*Dress: American Apparel dress I modified
hat: Lack of Color aus
Bag: Spell Designs
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

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Today I want to show you guys this item from the online store Front Row Shop.  Its called “Relaxed dress with half sleeves”.  It is so comfortable and soft!  I styled it my usual way with tons of gypsy jewels.  I feel like it is an item that can be dressed up or down with how you feel :)

Best of all it is currently discounted! usually $50 the item is now $40. take advantage of the sale now and click the link below to see the item and visit the online shop!

x x

*Dress: Front Row shop