Sprinkle Stardust on Your Life


Sprinkle Stardust on Your Life: Lookbook.nu

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Sprinkle Stardust on your Life💫
Surround yourself in art.
Introduce more plants in your home space.
Create a loving environment.

Little adjustments like these can help to change your mood, and over all create a better life.
I believe some of the best changes can happen in small tasks.

Meditate on what those changes can be for you,
and make your life a bit brighter.

In this look the featured items I am wearing are stunning handmade items from two brands that I adore.
Wild and Free Jewelry + Crafturday.

I am wearing the Cosmic Queen Mermaid Crown & Summer Nights Dream Butterfly Hair Clips from Wild and Free Jewelry.  I love these beautiful items that are covered in glitter.  Owner & designer Corina makes the most beautiful object that you might otherwise only hear about in fairytales.  They are ethereal, the beauty is so surreal.
p.s. extra shout out to Corina for hooking me up with these stardust stickers.  You guys should check out her photos, the editing is out of this world.

You guys know that I am obsessed with everything with stars on them– and if you are too, then you will absolutely NEED these pieces from Crafturday! They are called The Mixed Gold Star & Hoop Earrings and Layered Gold Stars Necklace.  Together they make the most perfect Star Girl set.   Owner & designer Vanessa gracefully mixes vintage rock n’ roll, bohemian vibes, and a touch of magic in her items that she sells.

Wild and Free Jewelry + Crafturday both have such a unique array of items in their shops that they hand make & embellish.  Check them both out in the links below!


–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @StardustBohemian)

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Mermaid Crown: Wild & Free Jewelry
Butterfly Clips: Wild & Free Jewelry
Golden Star Earrings: Crafturday
Golden Star Necklace: Crafturday
Top: For Love & Lemons
Skirt: Free People

West Coast Road Trip | May 2018

Here is my full west coast road trip video! In these clips I share with you guys my recent road trip up and down the west coast. We started in Washington and ended in LasVegas, turned around and made our way back up. This was a real adventure full of laughs, cries, and tons of memories. I even share with you guys clips from the day of my engagement during this trip. Enjoy!


x Sera


I am excited to announce my newest Shop Stardust Bohemian collection~ my Fall/Winter Collection StarGirl! StarGirl was inspired by the Wanderlust girls who travel seeking out the magic in the world. ⭐ ✨

This collection, or more so this special design, is a black velvet top done in my “Serenity Bandeau” style which is a flowing double layer material that flows down your arms.  The flowing material for this collection is a black polyester sheer that is covered in silver stars!  Fabric covered in stars is really hard for me to find, so I think its fate that I found this perfect one.  Just like all of my featured collections it is limited, while supplies last… so if you are interested I suggest picking up a piece while you can!

Check out the FW2018 StarGirl collection on my site Shop.StardustBohemian.com

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Magic in the Air

Magic in the Air: Lookbook.nu

◈⋙Location: Washington


This look was a fun one to put together.  The planning began with the inspiration brought on by the magical iridescent lavender fabric in the sleeves of my top.  If you don’t already know I have been getting back into fashion design.  As much as possible I have been trying to wear my own creations.  I really like how this piece came out.  Since creating my shop I have been getting a bit too caught up in what might appeal to a customer. I would lose myself a bit and the designing process started getting stressful.. But then I remind myself what makes it so special is that I make what I love and hope everyone loves it as well, not the other way around.  I am proud of my designs– especially this spontaneous one that  I whipped up.

The rest of the pieces really helped to pull this look together.  Next on my list is to make more matching accessories for my bohemian tops. I don’t want to give away too much just yet– but just know I have some plans in the works 💫

In this look the featured items I am wearing is a top from my brand Shop Stardust Bohemian
+ a mood stone ring & necklace from Me and My Mood   💫
Check out the links below!


–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @StardustBohemian)

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Top: @ShopStardustBohemian
Mood Stone Ring + Necklace: MeandMyMood