Earth Angel

| | Earth Angel ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii   It’s a beautiful day in Hawaii nei! Visited my favorite botanical garden and took in the marvelous views. Tomorrow I will be flying to Tokyo and I am so excited to see the … Read More

Ethereal Dreamer

| | Ethereal Dreamer ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii These photos were taken in celebration of my 26th birthday in March. It’s a bit of a late upload, but my life has really taken off this past month. I started @ShopStardustBohemian again and … Read More

Festival Fairy SS2018

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I am excited to announce the launch of my Shop page: Shop Stardust Bohemian! With this new launch I released my new Spring/Summer Collection Festival Fairy! Festival Fairy was inspired by the ethereal beings who come out to play every … Read More

Bangkok Harem Pants

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Today’s special featured sponsored post is a collaboration with Bangkok Harem Pants! They are a bohemian pants & accessories shop! I teamed up with them to style a few looks. ☆ In the first outfit I featured their Black + … Read More

Eco Friendly Fashion! ~Bio Glitter~

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In todays post I want to introduce you guys to a trend that will always be in style.. Biodegradable glitter. A few years ago a huge change that was made into the beauty & haircare community was about micro-beads in … Read More

Be mine

| | Be Mine ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii ☆ Here is my 2018 Valentines look. I have been wearing white very often this year & paring it with colorful accessories. (like my colorful hair) & In this look I have my colorful … Read More

in the sun

| | In the Sun ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii I am finally getting back into the groove of blogging for the new year. The sun has been kind enough to come out to play & so shall I. In this look … Read More

Casting Spells

| | Casting Spells ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii Love in exaltation, she flows in Divine Romance. Her heart beats to the rhythm of the Cosmos. She lives only for the enchantment of the heart. Lofty aspirations, she delights as Neptune’s Muse. Her … Read More

VLOG// Pampanga, Philippines 2018

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Taking a trip to the Philippines and experiencing where my family is from has been on my bucket list for awhile. As amazing as traveling to different destinations around the world can be- connecting to your heritage is a deeply … Read More

Day Dream

| | Day Dreamer ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii Head in the clouds, feet on the ground. Day dreamer. constantly thinking of new ideas, sometimes surreal ones. Limits are not welcomed here, for we soar and transcend. Each time breaking past our previous … Read More

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