Day Dream

| | Day Dreamer ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii Head in the clouds, feet on the ground. Day dreamer. constantly thinking of new ideas, sometimes surreal ones. Limits are not welcomed here, for we soar and transcend. Each time breaking past our previous … Read More


| | Imagine ◈⋙Location: Washington Imagine the freedom and bliss of only doing what you want. No more of these faux responsibilities that are put upon us. Just imagine, standing with the wind in your hair. What’s really holding you … Read More

dream state

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◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii I had to come back here at least one more time before I left. Who knows when I will be able to be back again? As a chapter ends a new one will pick up, and I … Read More

VLOG// A week in Kauai 2017

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Hey guys! I wanted to share with you my recent trip I took to Kauai. Kauai is also called “the garden isle” because of how lush, beautiful, and natural the island is. There is a rule that buildings cannot be … Read More

VLOG// Sunflower fields Oahu Hawaii 2017

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◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii – DuPont Pioneer Farms 💫   I recently visited the DuPont Pioneer Farms located on Oahu. Right after I came home from my Kauai Trip I visited them before the season was over. Miles and Miles of Sunflowers … Read More

VLOG// Aulani + Halloween at Disneyland

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Hello Everyone! I’ve been traveling tons recently! I haven’t had too much time to document fashion, so I have been focusing on making videos of my travels. Here is the vlog I made when I was traveling thru Aulani on … Read More

Something Magical

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Something Magical: ◈⋙Location: Washington   I was feeling creative and wanted to put together something fun. I made this flower crown, wore it over a pink wig, and added in some butterflies.💫 The featured item that inspired in this … Read More

a wonderland

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A Wonderland: ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii   I have different little corners I like to go and hide away in. Places I found that I instantly knew I would never forget.  This place is one of them. It’s a far … Read More

HASK Argan Oil 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray

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HASK is a collection of hair care products featuring exotic oils and other unique ingredients from around the world. The range includes shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners and shine oils based on the key ingredients of Argan Oil, Monoi Coconut Oil, Charcoal … Read More

Look forward

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  Look Forward: ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii   Going back to old places can be healing, especially when there is unfinished business. I am in a point of my life where I am receiving closure. It is not something that … Read More

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