Beauty Post| Ice Cubes face massage for Acne and more.

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I personally have very acne prone skin. I am always trying to find a natural way to find cures for it. Recently I noticed my jawline where I have had some breakouts was looking swollen. My face was looking over all very round and puffy (usually I am more oval) due to the area of swelling. It actually reminded me of when I had my wisdom teeth removed.

When I had my wisdom teeth taken out I remembered using Ice to take down the swelling. Then I also remembered reading something about using Ice on the face as apart of someones beauty regimen. At this idea I started to do my usual google research to see if this has any truth to it.

One of the first Searches Lead me to
^^ On this site users talked about their personal experience and most users had a positive experience.
In general they wrote that it reduces the size, puffiness and redness.

>>A thing to note is that it is recommended to wrap the ice in a wash cloth, plastic baggie or paper towel to not have direct contact in case if your face does not react well due to sensitivity.
Always use caution and stop the ice treatment if you are feeling overly sensitive for uncomfortable.

My personal experience: I wrapped 2 ice cubes in 1 paper towel and began dabbing it on my jaw line. I did it after I washed my face but before I added my over night creams.

I did this for maybe 10 minutes or less. My results were that my pores decreased in size and the slightly opened wounds closed up and started healing over. Very successful results on my first try!  Although it did not completely go away, it did start the healing process.


>> If you want to try some creative way to do this natural ice facial check out these tips from


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**Disclaimer: I do not have any medical training, just sharing information from the web and from personal experience**