Uni Wigs Hair Extensions (+Fishtail Braid Tutorial!)

In todays post I will be showing you guys what I did with my White Blonde Remy Human Hair Clip In Extentions from UniWigs!

I will share with you guys how I dyed them and style them <3

1 2

Now I will be putting on the extensions!

I will be wearing the:
–x2 pieces with 2 clips on both sides of my head along with
–x4 Single clips I will use to help fill in some patches in the front area of my hair.

Below is a photo of before and after adding the extensions. (before left, after right)

Photo Apr 20, 10 39 53 AM

As you can see my hair looks so much fuller with the extensions added in.
Since I have layered hair it is sometimes hard for me to have long braids
since there isn’t enough hair that is the same length to finish the style evenly.
Below I will do a fishtail style braid with my extensions in.

Photo Apr 20, 10 40 20 AM


How to do a fishtail braid:
1. separate your hair into two parts.

2. take a small amount of hair from the outside of one of the parts.

3. now with the small hair part you separated cross it over to the inner of opposite piece.
(This is a process you will be switching off between the sides)

4. after you cross over the piece of hair and merge it into the opposite end’s pile pull on both sides to tighten the braid.
(Do the process a few time to start seeing the fish tail braid emerge, in photo #4 I did it 2-3 times at this point)

Just in case my instructions were not clear here is an instructional image I found online:

Photo Apr 20, 10 40 56 AM


Continue to do the braid for awhile~~ One you get to the end secure it with a hair tie.
I personally like to use the clear bands to finish off my hair.
After your hair is secured in a rubber band you can do this optional step.
–Gently pull apart the braid to make it have more volume.

note: If you have layered hair this step might accidentally cause you to pull out some of your braid, so gently tug with caution 🙂
That’s why having these extensions are so awesome!
I needed the extra hair to create a thicker & fuller braid.

Once the first side is complete do the same process the next side 🙂

Photo Apr 20, 10 41 23 AM


Below is the finished look!

I really am happy with these Clip in Extensions from Uniwigs.  They are my first ever set of hair extensions I’ve owned.
They were easy for me to use, I definitely recommend these.
Once I was able to color match them to my purple locks I was so excited to wear them!

Coupon Code “LB10
will get you -10% off for the whole site

p.s. I’ll be sure to mention which future looks I wear them in via the description so you guys can see how I style them in future looks <3

Photo Apr 20, 10 42 07 AM

Question of the Day: Do you wear hair extensions?  Or have you ever been curious to try? Let us know in the comments!

extensions courtesy of UniWigs


8 Tricks to Make It Look Like You’re Not Wearing Makeup (via Style Caster)


8 Tricks to Make It Look Like You’re Not Wearing Makeup

Read more on Style Caster: http://stylecaster.com/beauty/how-to-look-like-youre-not-wearing-makeup/#ixzz41XdvbgUc

Red lipstick is one thing, but on a regular weekday, looking like you’ve got on a full face of makeup can be synonymous with looking like you’re trying too hard. It’s not that we’re trying to hide the fact that we’re wearing lipstick, but more often than not, if you’re showing major signs of wearing a ton of makeup, people tend to focus on that fact instead of how good you look overall. To help you help others focus on your beauty, not your faux pas, we’re sharing our best tips for how to make it look like you’re not wearing makeup below.

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Blend, blend, blend: Obvious as it may sound, blending your makeup can make or break a look. The key to a great smokey eye is blending the shadow, the secret to using highlighter is blending in the product and nothing can ruin a look more than a visible line of foundation on your jawline. With each step of your makeup routine, blend your makeup, then blend once more just for good measure.

Use neutral colors: If you’re going for the “barely there” look, choose neutral colors that will compliment your skin tone. While it’s true that purple shadows bring out hazel eyes and greens bring out brown eyes, keep things looking natural with shades of tan, brown and cream for shadows. When it comes to blush, go for peaches and roses, or the color your cheeks naturally become when you’re flushed.

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Mix bronzer with your moisturizer: To get a sun-kissed look without looking like you added anything to your skin, mix a liquid bronzer in with your usual face lotion to dilute the color and help it spread easily.

Apply a primer: The benefits of a primer are twofold. First, a primer will help your makeup to look smooth and clean, not caked on or uneven. Second, when you apply primer to your eyelids, you cut way down on the likelihood of any creasing that can happen with your shadow. 

Choose a lip color two shades deeper: For the ladies who won’t leave the house without something on their lips, keep things looking natural with a lip stain or tint that’s two shades deeper than your natural color for a “just kissed” look. When you’re going for an au naturel lip, avoid waxy lipsticks or dark shades.

Groom your brows: Eyebrow pencil, when used, should be two to three shades lighter than your actual brow color. Before you apply pencil, make sure your eyebrows have been groomed, whether that mean shaped, tweezed or waxed. Nothing takes the attention away from a pretty face like ungroomed eyebrows.

Use the correct concealer color: When concealing trouble spots like dark circles or pimples, using the right kind of concealer is crucial. Avoid orange, “fake tan” colors of concealer. Use yellow-toned concealer for redness or dark circles, lavender concealer for yellowish skin or extremely dark circles and green concealer for pimples or other red spots.

Avoid mascara clumps and flakes: First and foremost, if your mascara is more than three months old, you need to ditch the tube in favor of a fresh one. Old mascara gets dried out, causing clumps, flakes and sometimes even infection. Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara for a good, natural base, then apply by shaking the wand at the root of the eyelashes and brushing up and out. For a more natural look, apply just one coat. To take things a step further, use a brown or clear formula instead of black. Your lashes will look great, but no one will be able to tell why.

Image via Imaxtree

I saw this article and thought it had some really great tips– so I thought I would share it with you guys ^__^
Question of the Day: Do you like to wear a more natural look? Or do you like to wear a bolder makeup look?  Let us know in the comments!

PMD Personal Microderm Review



About the Brand
PMD Personal Microderm is a company built from the experiences and results of bloggers and youtubers. Our company wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for brave influencers taking a chance on our product and discovering their super skin secret weapon.

Some use our product to even skin tones, or so make up glides on smoother. Some use it for acne scars or even fine lines and wrinkles. Some use it so their bronzer goes on smoother and lasts longer. Whatever your skin needs, the rejuvinative powers of the PMD can help.

The power comes from the micro-abrasions that take off the top layer of dead dull skin which activates the skin’s own healing process. In addition the vacuum suction brings blood flow and nutrients to the surface of the skin. The combination is the perfect recipe of HEALTHY RADIANT skin.

This is not covering unhealthy skin with make-up. This is transforming your skin from unhealthy to healthy.

About the Product
The Personal Microderm combines the power of Patented Spinning Disc Technology with a Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction to brighten, smooth, and even skin tone and texture. The Personal Microderm reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and enlarged pores. After a treatment, makeup goes on smoother and skin care penetrates significantly deeper – 20X deeper.

The Personal Microderm is a revolutionary at-home skincare tool that provides the same impressive results as professional, in-office microdermabrasion treatments. By combining the power of exfoliation with a unique vacuum suction, the Personal Microderm works to remove the dead, dull skin cell barrier, increase blood flow, and stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

The Power of Exfoliation
PMD uses a patented spinning disc with aluminum oxide crystals to exfoliate away the dead, dull cells on the skin. By removing this dead skin cell barrier, new cell growth is stimulated and renewed, revealing soft, brilliant and rejuvenated skin.

The Strength of Suction
The PMD uses a calibrated vacuum suction that pulls the blood flow to the surface of the skin for increased blood flow and circulation. This suction triggers the body to build collagen and elastin which leaves the skin firm and radiant.

The Benefit of Absorption
Once this barrier is removed from exfoliation, skin care products fully penetrate the skin. This maximizes the benefits of skincare products and helps to restore and perfect the skin, leaving it gentle, rich, brilliant and bright.



A great place to start learning more about how the PMD works and how to use it is by
watching our PMD Training Video found on our website. https://getpmd.com/how-to-use/

Watching the Video is very important because they break down the process
and the importance and function of each piece.

<<<To the left is a graphic that shows the direction that you should use the tool over your skin.


Where to Start

Thoroughly cleanse your skin. Make sure that it is free from all make up, dirt, and oils. We recommend using the PMD Advanced Soothing Cleanser, since it is specifically formulated to work with the PMD device and treatments. Once the skin is clean, allow it to dry completely before you begin. A dry skin surface is particularly important because it allows the Microdermal Exfoliator to work properly and effectively. If the skin is damp or clammy, the disc will be unable to smoothly glide over it.



Review Experience
Since I have very sensitive skin through out the time I used it I just stuck to using only the white disk.

I followed the instructions and used this product on my face, making straight upward lines going across my face and over my acne scars.  At the end of each line I would make I would see a build up of dead skin, it was a pale color that kind of reminded me of spiderwebs lol

I have been using this product once a week for about a month and I have noticed my scars are starting to smooth out more.  In photos it is not very noticeable because along with deep scars I have discoloration and the discoloration takes away from the depth of the “ice pick” scars that I have— Anyways just take my word for it that it has been making progress for me.

I would recommend this product as a tool for someone who want to even out their uneven skin surface.  It is a great product for a reasonable price!

get the product


Question of the day: Have you ever tried any product like this before? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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Think Dirty App Reveals just how Toxic certain beauty products are

Todays post is a review of the free app Think Dirty.

We want you to Think Dirty.
from Think Dirty on Vimeo.

Methodology:  “Think Dirty® is committed to helping consumers identify the potential risks associated with the personal care products they use every day. Unlike other ingredient databases, we focus exclusively on the chemical content of the products in question. We have consciously avoided the widely-used practice of “greenwashing”, whereby the environmental or social responsibility of a product’s manufacturer is factored into the assessment allowing a product to receive an artificially low toxicity rating. We are solely concerned about the possible impact of a given product on an individual’s health, and our ratings methodology reflects that singular commitment.

Think Dirty® is committed to helping consumers identify the potential risks associated with the personal care products they use every day. Unlike other ingredient databases, we focus exclusively on the chemical content of the products in question. We have consciously avoided the widely-used practice of “greenwashing”, whereby the environmental or social responsibility of a product’s manufacturer is factored into the assessment allowing a product to receive an artificially low toxicity rating. We are solely concerned about the possible impact of a given product on an individual’s health, and our ratings methodology reflects that singular commitment.

Our ratings are determined based on publicly available data released by non-profit and government agencies in North America regarding the health and safety of the individual components found in your personal care products. A list of our data sources can be found in Appendix A.

We assess the overall risk of a given product based on the potential health impacts of its published ingredients. Each ingredient listed on the product label or manufacturer’s website is evaluated for documented evidence ofCarcinogenicity, Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity and/or Allergenicity & Immunotoxicity, as show in the table below.

Evaluations are performed by Think Dirty’s Founder and Advisory Board, all of whom have extensive experience in relevant fields such as Medicine, Biochemistry, Biology, Physiology, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Health & Safety and Chemical Engineering, and a track record of working with Health Canada, the US Food & Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, Environment Canada, the US Environmental Protection Agency and other related government and not-for-profit agencies.”

potential health

By default, products receive an overall Think Dirty® rating no lower than the highest rating of any individual ingredient. If several ingredients in a given product receive high ratings, the product itself is automatically assigned a Think Dirty® rating of 10. It is important to note that even though some of the ingredients in personal care products may be present in very small quantities, the likelihood of significant repeated exposure is high due to the frequency with which personal care products are typically used. It is widely acknowledged that even low-level exposure to known toxins can have deleterious effects on human health if the exposure is repeated and long-term.

dirty meter

My personal experience:
I heard about this app recently from a facebook friend of mine. I immediately was intrigued because I have an acne prone face and wanted to know where my products stand. So I can ultimately decide which products to throw out and replace.

Below I will share some of the items I was able to scan that they had reviewed in their system—–

Dove Deoderant
>>Dove Advanced Care Anti-antiperspirant Deodorant Pink Rosa
I personally have heard warnings about Aluminum in deodorants so I have only used this product on rare occasions such as weddings and social gatherings.  I have tried some natural alternatives like Toms deodorant but it did not help at all and just made me feel even more sticky.
Feelings after seeing the ratings: Since I have no other alternative for a good “anti antiperspirant” I will keep this one in my care products.  But keeping the DIRTY rating in mind I will use this not very often.

Garnier Fructis Shampoo

>>Garnier Frutis Color Shield Fortifying Shampoo
This is my main shampoo I use to wash my hair.  What had attracted me to this product was the fact that it was a “color shield” since my hair is dyed. Ive re-bought this product a few times over the past 1-2 years.
Feelings after seeing the ratings:  I read that the main DIRTY ingredient ‘Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate’.  Apparently it is an Estrogenic disrupton that is linked to breast cancer.  WILL NOT RE-PURCHASE.

Lush dry shampoo
>> Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo
I fell in love with this product when I first found it!  It was the best dry shampoo I had found.  In general I thought I could trust the brand Lush because it seems all natural and handmade.

Feelings after seeing the ratings: I was very surprised with its high Dirty rating.  After clicking the “Fragrance & TALC” ingredients descriptions I found that apparently the Fragrance is a Hormone Disruptior & TALC ingredient is linked to being a possible Ovarian Cancer Carcinogen.  That’s pretty scary for such a small product. I do not use it very often and probably not repurchase due to this information + the fact I do not use it very often anymore.

>>Dr. Bronners Lavender Pure Castile Soap
This is the item I use for body wash, makeup remover & occasionally just as a regular face wash.  It is a strong clean that gets the job done nicely.  It really is a great makeup remover, just be careful around the eyes!
Feelings after seeing the ratings:  I am so happy this item has such fantastic ratings!  It just reminds me how this item is worth the money.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

>>Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
I actually use Smashboxes CC Cream.  But this was the closest product I could find to it on the search of already rated items.  I assume there is not much of a difference in the ingredients.  I use this item as my main foundation when I do decide to wear makeup.  I have repurcased this item maybe 5 times within the last 2-3 years.

Feelings after seeing the ratings: I was very surprised with this one.  I assume a lot of products go into creating makeup… but to put this on my face is very displeasing.  I need to do my homework to find a good thick coverage foundation. Hopefully I can find a new makeup foundation to love because I am not really tempted to buy this one again..

You May also <3” is the third column after the Ingredients. (image on the left).  They list similar products to the one you entered and have it based on its clean ratings.  This is a great place to start finding cleaner alternatives to the current dirty products you use.

Although I must say I might be skeptical on some of these items.  I would recommend going on google and reading reviews on the products to see if they do good makeup coverage wise.  I love that they are clean alternatives but for someone who need their foundation to be thick enough to cover my current facial acne scars.. well I just need to do some prior research x)

& This is probably where the app makes its money off of Affiliate links (not hating just stating the obvious lol).


Overall I was very surprised which products I own got very Dirty ratings on the scale.  These are items I definitely will not purchase in the future.

I just wish all of the items I had happen to already be in their system.

You also need your items to have the scanning bar code to be able to enter it in…. and some of my items did not have it.

And for the items that DO have bar codes but NO current ratings,  you are able to submit them into the system for them to be added at a later time by the team.  So I did submit some for them to rate.

This app really makes me want to re-assess the products I use and try alternatives.

“One cleaner product a day, keeps your doctor away.”

Question of the Day: Will you download this Free app to see where your favorite items rank? Let us know in the comments!



**This is a non sponsored post, all opinions are my own.**

Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Review

About the Product
Breathe new life into your skin. Long favored as a pre-event treatment by savvy beauty girls in the know, Exuviance now offers the power of oxygen for home use so that the benefits of oxygen are no longer just reserved for a big night out.

New Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial is a fast fix for stressed skin, delivering a spa-quality treatment at home. The triple oxygenating blend works to restore radiance and brighten skin. A revitalizing infusion of molecular oxygen detoxifies and eliminates dullness, helping to trigger cellular energy and optimize collagen. Simply massage onto damp skin and allow the invigorating molecules to work their magic.

Product snapshot:
• Detoxifies and eliminates aging dullness
• Stimulates vital cell energy
• Provides essential support for optimal collagen levels
• PHA/Bionic Blend adds extra youth-promoting benefits to restore radiance and suppleness

The benefits:
This unique mask containing pure essential Oxygen plus our Bionic Complex energizes and detoxifies, bringing new life to stressed skin, and instantly restoring a youthful, soft, luminous complexion. A triple oxygenating blend delivers an infusion of molecular Oxygen to detoxify and eliminate aging dullness, stimulate vital cellular energy and provide essential support for optimal collagen levels. Our Bionic Complex adds extra youth-promoting benefits, restoring a translucent radiance, suppleness and smooth silky softness to your complexion. A single use of Bionic Oxygen Facial envelops skin in a delightful oxygenating experience, revealing skin that looks and feels revitalized, refreshed, transformed.


How to use: Massage a generous, even layer on clean, damp skin. Wait five minutes, allowing a thick oxygenating froth to form and then disappear. Rinse skin and apply an Exuviance treatment or moisturizer. Use 3-4 times a week.

Recommended for: Those looking to re-energize dull, aging skin.

Size: 3.2 fl oz
Price: $65 at Exuviance.com


Review Experience

I used this product following their ‘Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish‘ that I reviewed (HERE).  The Micro dermabrasion face polish cleaned my face of any dead skin so that my face was clean to begin using the Bionic Oxygen Facial.

The instructions for it begin saying that you must apply this product to a dampened skin.  I used two pumps of this into my hands and gently rubbed it all over my face.  Within minutes it began to get all fizzy!  the liquid began to turn from its creamy form into soda-pop like mmini bubbles all over my skin.  When this started happening I sat on the rim of my bath tub because I knew this feeling was too odd to have me standing through the few minutes of face fizzing.

After it finished its unique process I washed off the remainder of product on my face.  Did I notice any changed immediately? no.  But I can imagine this product “Stimulating vital cell energy” because the feeling on my face was really stimulating.

I really like their Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish and this product seems to be a great fit as a second step to the product to get your skin recharged after shedding your dead skin.  If you like unique skin products I would recommend giving this a go.

get the product

Check out the Exuviance’s Bionic Oxygen Facial Here:

Question of the Day: Have you tried any face soaps that had a similar fizzing effect on your skin?  Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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