Tokyo Disney Sea!

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Mermaid Lagoon! Disney Sea Plaza! Arabian Coast! American Waterfront! Mediterranean Harbor! Tokyo Disney Sea! I am so excited to share my Japan trip! These photos are from day 2 in Japan.  We were only planning on going here for … Read More

Forest Elf

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       I am noticing a trend in my favorite looks lately– simple garments with layered gypsy jewels!  I really wanted to tone down todays look to keep the focus on my accessories and my new hair color!  As … Read More

Force of Thoughts

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      Force of thoughts: I wanted to keep todays look pretty simple, and American Apparel is my favorite brand to wear to do so!  If you are looking for a simple floppy hat I recommend American Apparels Wool … Read More

Desert Rose

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Desert Rose: My etsy shop has been updated!  These shots are of my Bohemian Rose Kimono.  I personally sew and choose the fabric ^__^ Check out my shop! –Peace, Love + Light xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian) *Hat: Forever … Read More

Siren Chic

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Siren Chic: Today makes a month of my blog.  Im really glad for following through with it,  this blog may just seem like simple style posts.  But I feel like im following my bliss by working on my bohemian styling. … Read More

Forgotten Dreams

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Forgotten Dreams: –Peace, Love + Light xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian) *Top: Bought off Poshmark Skirt: American Apparel Moon Cuff: Gypsy Warrior Beads: Stardust Bohemian Boots: Forever 21

Moon Child

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Moon Child: An Old Shoot I did in 2013 with my friends for an Art& Flea Style Snap + Mini interview! –Peace, Love + Light xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian) *Top: Stardust Bohemian Skirt: Stardust Bohemian Boots: Forever 21

Gypsy Warrior

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Gypsy Warrior: Gypsy Warrior!  I bought this dress for the  lookbook cochella contest, but im guessing it was canceled? haha.  Still a cute dress and it was for less than $20! Today is mine and my boyfriends month-anniversary (he … Read More

Crappy Kids

| | Todays post is dedicated to a Hawaii Brand called Crappy Kids.  They are a rad brand with a great idea behind it: “if we can get away with selling ‘Crap’ on a shirt. Then anyone-no matter how silly your … Read More

Cactus in the Valley

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Cactus in the Valley: I’ve been told I lost my fire, but I feel it re-igniting again. Here are some of my designs that I created for my brand Stardust Bohemian, sewn and designed by myself. In Spring 2013 I … Read More

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