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Gypsea: ◈⋙Location: Big Sur, California I was really looking forward to my next Big Sur visit.  This is my second time visiting this area on the California 101! The entire drive is just breath taking.  The wild wind blowing is … Read More

On the Road

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On the Road: ◈⋙Location: Joshua Tree, California On the road, quite literally in this photo!  Here is a look from Style Moi I shot in Joshua Tree in California. I have been super in love with strap necklines recently.  Strap … Read More

Sands from another Land

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Sands from another Lands: ◈⋙Location: Big Sur, California We are on our way back up the coast.  From the hot desert to the cool beach sands.  Its amazing how much the weather changes based on how much water you … Read More

Spread your Wings

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◈⋙Location: Joshua Tree, California Spread your Wings.  Fly away.  Break your usual routine and go away for awhile.  Sometimes we get stuck in habits and not realize when we are stuck.  A fresh perspective can be gained from going outside of … Read More

A Nomads Life for Me

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     A Nomads Life for Me: ◈⋙Location: Joshua Tree, California I’m proud to say that my life is an adventure, with my boy & my dog we travel out to where life calls us. Here is another set from … Read More

Under the Limitless Sky

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Under the Limitless Sky: September, 2015 ◈⋙Location: Joshua Tree, California I was looking forward to this part of our trip.  Going back to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.  From San Diego we drove some hours out to get … Read More

Burn Away

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Burn Away: ◈⋙Location: The Redwood Forest, California When I travel I learn more about myself, the world– and my place in it. I am constantly reflecting on the person I am and I am constantly changing.  Burn away the old … Read More

♫KAABOO Del Mar 2015

| | KAABOO Day 1 Outfit KAABOO Day 2 Outfit KAABOO Day 3 Outfit September 18,19,20 2015 KAABOO @ DEL MAR Music Festival ◈⋙Location: SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA This festival/concert was one of the main reasons for the Road Trip Zachary, Luna … Read More

The Clear Blue

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There’s something so calming about the Clear Blue sea. After traveling for so many miles, just looking upon it clears my mind and puts it at ease. The Clear Blue: ◈⋙Location: Port Orford, Oregon. This ocean view sign was hard … Read More

Messy Hair, Wild Heart.

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Messy Hair, Wild Heart: ◈⋙Location: Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon. This post is the first of many from Zach, Luna, and I’s spontaneous road trip!  We are traveling from Seattle, Washington all the way down to San Diego, then from San … Read More

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