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Let’s work Together!

On this blog I like to collaborate + work with other creative brands! If you have a similar aesthetic & fashion sense as mine I would love to make some artistic magic together!
To see who else I worked with view my Featured Brands page.


◈⋙ Collaborations are done on my time and with creativity.

Collaborations are typically free, on a product for services trade basis.
In exchange for the product(s) that you send, I will feature them in at least one photo shoot for my blog.
If they make it in a future outfit post, I will again post links to your page!
The photos will be posted on my blog and possibly my other social media sites.

⋙In a collaboration outfit post I will pair the items given to me with other items I own to create a full look.
In the post it will probably have promotion for not just your items featured but other brands items that are featured as well.

⋙For item exchange collaboration, since it is not a paid advertisement and more of an artistic exchange, I want to keep my post centered around the art of the
images for this type of collaboration post. At the bottom of the post in the “Shop the look” is where I will have the clickable item tags included.

⋙If you have any personal requests for the information I share in the blog post please let me know in the beginning planning stages of our messages.
If you require a lot more then just linking back to your site such as an introduction to your site/brand, I may charge a sponsored post fee. So please Inquire.

Special Feature Sponsored Post:

◈⋙If you are looking for a blog post + photos where your items are the sole focus let me know and we can work out a “special feature sponsored post ”
where your items are fully the main focus of the images and text of the blog post!

I do charge a sponsored post fee for the advertisement, styling + modeling, photography, and over all promotion.  So please mention it in our emails if a
special feature sponsored post” is what you are looking for & I can let you know the full benefits you receive for purchase.

Guidelines for Collaborating:

I must personally choose/select the product(s) so that I can ensure that I will be able to style the item & that they fit my vibe.

I will not accept any products I did not approve of, and I will not promote an item that I do not really like. It is dishonest to my readers.

⋙ During Free Collaborations (non paid, just item exchange), The photos with the items will be taken on my time and around my schedule. Timing can be based on:

◈Whether or not If I have a full look ready with the items ◈Due to my photographers schedule ◈Waiting to find a specific location, ect.

I shoot the items I receive in the order I received them, I try my best to get it done within 2 months of receiving, but depending on how full my work load is I will try to have it done as soon as I am able to 🙂

If you need the photos rushed by a certain date please check out my Special Feature Sponsored Post information, you may be interested in the perks such as being moved to the top of my top shoot list + more!

Important Notices:
⋙ Please include a return Shipping Label. (or)
—Have one available for me to print if it is necessary for me to make a Return Shipping. (or)
—Be Willing/Prepared to send me via Paypal the USD $ amount for the Return Shipping.

note: Sometimes when an item does not look like the product photo or there is a size malfunction, I will not be able to promote an item that did not live up to expectation standard.
(or) if I am sent an item that I did not approve and I do not wish to promote I will not be held responsible to pay for return shipping.
**Returns typically are not a problem, but just be aware of my terms just in case if the situation comes up.  I will not be held responsible to pay.**

⋙I may resell products after fulfilling the collaboration to help fund my adventures, and to create space for new products and collaborations.

⋙The best way to ship items to my specific location is USPS, if you prefer another mail carrier please inform me in our messages so I am aware.

Let’s Make Some Magic Together! 🙂

I really do enjoy working with brands to create art in fashion and photography!

✦◈✦Thank you for supporting me and my creative endeavors!✦◈✦

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