Earrings Display and Organizer

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Earrings Display and Organizer

Todays DIY project is super simple!
I decided to make this because I desperately needed a holder
for all of my earrings. I have such a large collection of
accessories, so having displays really keeps me organized and
helps me find items quicker when I want to wear them <3

– 1 Velvet Hanger (You can get these at Ross or Walmart, they usually come in packs of 5+ or more)
*Velvet hangers also come in a variety of colors, choose your fav color <3

– Black Ribbon (via any craft store)
*Or ribbon that is same color as your hanger

– Your choice of Decorative Ribbon (via any craft store)
*Tip: It is good for the decorative ribbon to be a knit, crochet, or sheer material.
This way if you have stud earring backing you can stab through the material to let it hang on.


– Hot Glue Gun

Photo Apr 22, 8 04 35 PM

Step 1:

-Lay some ribbon vertical in the middle of the hanger.
-Cut it to fit and glue down the two ends to the velvet hanger.
*The purpose of this is to reinforce the ribbon you will be laying across in the next few steps

Let the ribbon hang about 1-2 inches over the end of the bottom of the hanger.

Photo Apr 22, 8 05 57 PM
Step 2:
Decorative Ribbon–
-Begin to lay across your decorative ribbon.
– Only glue it down at the two ends, attaching it to the velvet hanger.

Black Ribbon–
-Fold the extra material up and glue it back onto the hanger,
creating a loop.

*The purpose of the loop is to hang an additional hanger if you want
to hang a second earnings display hanger on this one.

Photo Apr 22, 8 05 35 PM
Step 3:
–You can decide how many row you want on your hanger display.
I chose the amount I did because I wanted to leave enough room in between the layers for my
large earrings to lay and have space to be displayed and not overlapped.

–Continue the process of laying the ribbon and gluing down the sides. to the hanger.

–For the bottom 2 rows of the decorative ribbons I glued them down to the black middle ribbon where they intersected.
This will help keep the decorative ribbon from being weighed down too much from the earrings,
and keep the display looking even.

Finished product!

Photo Apr 22, 8 06 21 PM
Here is how you hang them:
they can either hang over the decorative ribbon,
or you can stab the backing through the ribbon so it will hold on!

Photo Apr 22, 8 06 43 PM
Here is how I use mine!

You can even hang your earrings on the black velvet hanger.  it makes for a great sturdy bottom row.
The velvet hanger bottom row is where I hang my heaviest earrings.

I tried to space them out by weight to keep it over all even and not lop sided.

Photo Apr 22, 8 07 33 PM

I hope you guys liked my tutorial!
Let me know in the comments if this is something you think you will make 🙂