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Ethereal Bohemian:





Psychedelic Rock:

When it comes to fashion I have two different moods: Soft Ethereal or Psychedelic Rock.  Both looks have a Bohemian vibe to me.

I appreciate not only the way they look artistically, but I really identify bohemian fashion for the life style aspects.

“A descriptive term for a stereotypical way of life for artists and intellectuals. According to the stereotype, bohemians live in material poverty because they prefer their art or their learning to lesser goods; they are also unconventional in habits and dress, and sometimes in morals.”

I do take pride in dressing unconventionally 🙂

Sometimes when I see myself on other blogs or features, when they try to describe my style I get a kick out of reading how they try to describe me. generally I do think they are in the ball park though.  Its so amazing how many different types of fashion styles there are out there! Grunge, Minimalist, Lolita.. ect.

I feel like pinterest helps me quench my thirst of my two different sides of personal fashion I identify with.

Check out my two favorite fashion pinterest boards below!

Follow Stardust’s board Psychedellic Bohemian Style on Pinterest. Follow Stardust’s board Ethereal Bohemian Fashion on Pinterest.

Question of the Day:
 If you had to describe your style, what category would you put yourself in?  Let us know in the comments! 🙂

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

⋙Location: Seattle, Washington
Photography by @TheBoy.Wanders

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Feather Ear Cuff: Spirit Tribe
Blue Ring: Avizeh Jewelry
Red Ring: Vavavida
Yellow Ring: Thrifted

Bralet: One Teaspoon
Skirt: Grayson
Hat: Lack of Color AUS
Long Horn Necklace & Coin Ring: Soulfully Adorned
3 stone rings on left hand all from: Artefacts Collection
Tassel Necklace: Basianti