Not a Fluke

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Not a Fluke:

Todays Featured item is this Top from L.I.N.F!

L.I.N.F.  stands for “Look I’m not a Fluke”  it is an empowering statement that proves to yourself and others that you are not a fluke “a chance” or a “random happening”  you are here for a reason and your existence is amazing.

This item is from their “Good Vibes” Collection.  This item is the Divya Top in Blue.  This item costs only $27.50!  You would think an item that looks this gypsy/bohemian/ethnic would cost way more because of how trendy it is.  It is a great deal in my opinion!  Each of the tops in the good vibes collection comes in a bunch of different colors, and the fabric is really beautiful.

See the rest of this beautiful collection from L.I.N.F on their site~ HERE!

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

*Top: L.I.N.F
Bottoms: Chaser
tri stone amethyst ring: Artefacts Collection
Choker: Stardust Bohemian