Salvation Mountain pt. 1



























⋙Location: Salvation Mountain, California

This Surreal Location is called Salvation Mountain. It is hidden in California, Two hours South of Joshua Tree.
(But don’t worry you can totally find it via Google Maps!)

The drive to this place from Joshua Tree was a unique experience. First the scene was desert with high rocks, then eventually we were in some farm land areas with fields of fruits & Tall palm trees. After that we were driving near the Salton Sea. From a distance it was really pretty, but on that way back we drove close to it and the smell was kind of gross tbh. There was fish bones along the shore. So don’t visit the Salton Sea… But do visit Salvation Mountain!!

Salvation Mountain, where do I begin.. We actually ended up going on a pretty hot day. If you follow me on Snap Chat (@ StardustBohemia) You would have seen the videos of me dying of heat lol. But if you happen to be lucky enough to go on a colder day you will have an amazing time.

The mountain is basically some type of dirt hill covered in colorful paint. It really is such a work of art. It is covered in designs, colors, christian sayings, and bible versus. You can even climb the Mountain! In my next blog post I will include the photos taken on the inside of the rooms on the side of the mountain.
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Todays Featured items are from Gypsy & Magnolia, Jolly Chic, Flower Children Only, We Love Colors, Podasca Shop, & Queens Shop.

Outfit #1: This Kimono is so psychedelic funk! This piece, like every piece from Gypsy & Magnolia, is one of a kind. Gypsy & Magnolia is one of my Bohemian Sponsors. I really adore the items they hand make and sell in their etsy shop. If you are looking for a fun new item to add to your wardrobe check them out.

These ears I am wearing are from the brand Flower Children Only. I noticed a lot of my favorite pastel haired bloggers wearing these meow crowns. I was beyond stoked when I was invited to style a pair. These adorable Meow Crowns come in tons of different colors!

*Outfit #1
Slip Dress: Free People
Kimono: Gypsy and Magnolia
Cat Ears: Flower Children Only
Heels: Jeffery Campbell

Outfit #2: This is such a 70s dress! Bell sleeves, Colorful Print. So funky! I love it. This button up dress is sold at Jolly Chic.  On the site this item is called Floral Flare Sleeve V Collar Women Maxi Dress.  In this look I included my water can tine.  It was really so hot that I needed it while exploring the area.  It really is the perfect accessory,  looks cute and holds water. <3

Outfit #2
Dress: Jolly Chic
Slip Dress: Free People
Hat: Lack of Color AUS
Sandals: Billabong

Outfit #3: I styled this outfit not knowing how hot is was going to be this day (Things I do for my art, haha). Regardless I love this look. I am wearing a tye-dye body suit from We Love Colors and I layered over it a Coat from Queen Shop. I finished the look with this Beautiful Hand dyed Scarf from Podasca Shop. As you guys can probably tell.. I am so crazy about hypnotizing tye-dye prints! This scarf is from their collection that will be coming out Fall 2015, look out for this item!

Outfit #3
Bodysuit: We Love Colors
Coat: Queens Shop
Short: Style Moi
Scarf: Podasca Shop
Sandals: Billabong

Question of the day: Which of these 3 outfits is your favorite look? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

Photography by my Partner in Crime @TheBoy.Wanders