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For todays blog post I met up with The Indie Girl Olivia Fleming.
She runs the self titled blog

Before I moved away from California we both wanted to link up and shoot some photos together!  These photos were taken in Maibu, at a park with the most breathtaking view of the ocean.
From the moment we met I knew we would get along. We took turns being behind the camera & I had so much fun taking photos of this effortlessly beautiful model.

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Here are some questions I asked her, so you guys can get to know her better!

Q: Give us a little introduction & Describe your blog and style:
OLIVIA: The Indie Girl is a collection of my funky boho style and organic gluten free dairy free sugar free cooking expeditions, as well as a few other miscellaneous posts thrown in! It’s basically a place for me to share my creative passions as well as reach out and inspire others.

Q:  When did you get into blogging?
OLIVIA: I started blogging when I was 11. I had just developed severe cystic acne, the worst that 10 top LA dermatologists had ever seen. No medication could help it except Acutaine and I couldn’t use it because of many health risks. So I changed my diet, and after 5 years of eating completely organic and 100% healthy, I’ve got clear skin and a huge smile.
The fashion part of it came later when I decided I wanted to share my unique style that had made me sort of an outcast in school. Now it’s just a part of me and brings me great joy! Never be afraid to be yourself.

Q: Tell us about your brand French Funk:
OLIVIA: French Funk is a design/fashion line inspired by classic French style and edgy 90s grunge. Right now, I am just selling some of my beautiful vintage items, but I hope to soon manufacture my original designs with environmentally conscious materials and standards. I believe fashion should be used for good, so with a percentage of the proceeds, I will give to kids with type 1 Diabetes a scholarship to go to a Juvenal Diabetes camp in order to learn how to protect themselves and feel confident in this new life of theirs.

Q: Any future plans to share to share with us about you/your blog?
OLIVIA: I hope to do many more collaborations on my blog, as well as another makeover to my site.

Q: Any advice to give your fellow bloggers that you have learned through your experience from blogging?
OLIVIA: Honestly, the trick to blogging is to never stop, stay consistent, and be your biggest fan. You have to love it more than making money or more than free time watching Netflix. Get out there, promote your site, and just enjoy every word, every second, and every push of the button “post”. Xoxo

Check out more of Olivias life through her blog & instagram:  | @the_indie_girl

+ View her side of this blog post where she interviews me HERE!

–Peace, Love + Light

xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)