Wild Desert Flower

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Wild Desert Flower: Lookbook.nu
◈⋙Location: Joshua Tree, California

Oh Joshua Tree, I do love you so.

I enjoy how Joshua Tree has plant exibits.  Every so often down the long road of your drive you start to notice the plants change and suddenly you are in a garden of a new type of Desert Plant.  In the bulk of the different gardens there will be areas to pull of on the side.  They have informational boards talking about the plants in that general area.

The setting for this set of photos was really one of my favorite exibits.  It was covered in these shorter trees that had such vibrant colors.  When I spotted them as I drove past I knew it was another pit stop we needed to make!


In todays look I wore a handmade crocheted top by  @MarielCrochets.  I was excited to collab with her because I really like crocheted tops!  I chose the style Heather in an Olive green color.  In her etsy shop you can choose the design top you want & you get to choose from her 9 different colors.  So many cute choices!  What makes her tops also worth checking out is that the sizes.  she is able to crochet specific sizes from 32A- 36D.  So if you are unsure about a S-L– fit shes able to make a size you are more confident in.  Check out Mariel Crochets Etsy HERE & in the link below.

in this look there are so many other elements to it that I feel made the over all outfit work.  This Kimono by CN Direct has really been a Road Trip favorite or me & so have these Style Moi Silver bangles!  Check out these items in the links below <3

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

Photography by my partner in crime @TheBoy.Wanders

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Top: Mariel Crochets
Kimono: CN Direct
Shorts: Style Moi
Silver Bracelets: Style Moi
Hat: Lack of Color AUS