Stardust Bohemian is the Brand + Blog of fashion artist Sera Stardust.


Stardust Bohemian was established in late 2012 with the beginning stages of her career in Fashion Design.  The aesthetic in her brand is “Be Humble for you are Made of the Earth, and Be Noble for you are made of the Stars.”  A quote from a Serbian Proverb that has inspired her bohemian lifestyle and designs.

She is self taught when it comes to bohemian fashion styling and creating her personal designs.  But also has a background of experience, with an Associates in Fashion Technology at Honolulu CC.  Sera has had mentorship in the field of Fashion Design + Styling from knowledgeable teachers.

In 2014 she took a break from designing and started taking Stardust Bohemian in the direction of documenting her Personal style by fashion blogging.  (Always having interest in the online fashion scene she has been an early user since 2010).

Now in 2018 She is ready to go full focus back into fashion design with Shop.StardustBohemian and share her designs with the world. 🌈
All designs sold are made in exclusive limited batches. 💫


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✪✣✤✦❉  Frequently Asked Questions:  ✪✣✤✦❉

Q: Is your blog open to collaborations with photographers?
A:  Send me an email on where you are Located and include your relevant photography work, portfolio, url for official website or Instagram page.  From there I can let you know if I am in your general area and if a collaboration would be possible.
**note: I work with photographers on a creative exchange basis.

Q: Is your blog open to collaborations with brands?
A:  Yes! Lets work out the details together, check out my Collaboration Guidelines & then send me an email!