Bella Luna

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Bella Luna:

Introducing My new baby Miniature Schnauzer named Bella Luna!  She is 2 months old and a whole lot of adorable!  I am very happy and grateful to have her in my life <3
>>>Want to see more photos of Bella Luna?  I made her in instagram! Follow her at @Bella.Luna_
Today the featured items I am wearing are from She Inside, Style Moi and Blunted Objects!

❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪

I received this beautiful printed dress from She Inside! It is a Polyester dress with a round neckline, a deep V neck back and bell sleeves. I really love the colors and design in the printed fabric! This item is currently for sale for $25! Check out this “Black long sleeve floral print dress” on She Inside~ HERE!

❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪

Style Moi has a lot of very trendy pieces.  Faux fur shag pieces are definitely at the top of my most wanted list right now!  On the site this vest is called “MONGOLIAN LAMB SHAGGY FAUX FUR GILET“. Although I must admit based on the photo I thought the vest was going to be more shaggy. But It still achieves the bohemian look none the less! It comes in a range of sizes from XS-XXL! Check out this item on Style Moi~~ HERE!

❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪

Blunted Objects is a very stylish lifestyle brand that features cannabis pieces.  The necklace I am wearing is custom made!  It is a 3 layered chain piece covered in bohemian vibe charms, a hippie pot leaf and a rainbow quartz pendent.  Feel free to send her a message if you want something similar to my piece!  Check out blunted objects on Etsy~ HERE!

Question of the day:  Have my photos been loading, I have been hearing from some people they don’t always show up..?  Please let me know in the comments!

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

*Dress: She Inside
Vest: Style Moi
Layered Necklace: Blunted Objects
Crystal Necklace: Enchanted Crystals
Purse: Bag Inc
Socks: American Apparel
Boots: Forever 21