From the comfort of my Home

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From the comfort of my Home:
◈⋙Location: Seattle, Washington

SAM_8054If you have not met her yet, this is my 11 month old puppy Bella Luna! (@Bella.Luna_)  I actually didnt plan on having her in this set of photos but as soon as I jumped on the bed… she did as well. x)

This is an outfit that I can only wear indoors right now because it is so cold outside! Since it is so cold I will probably have more future photo sets in my apartment because it is so cozy in here.

Todays features the Jewelry Brand Asha Patel & Clothing store Yoins.

For this look I layered some dainty necklaces from Asha Patel together.  I wore their Amethyst leather necklace with the Ganesh beaded brass chain necklace.  This has really been a favorite of mine to layer together recently.  I got creative and combined 2 of their Leather Wrap Bracelets to make a choker.  They sell so many beautiful pieces that look wonderful paired together!  Beautiful designs & great quality.  I am very pleased with my Asha Patel designs.

These boho threads are from Yoins!  I am wearing their Solid white lace up flare sleeve top & Styish high-waisted printed boot cut flare trousers. To be honest I have some mixed feelings.  A reason why I chose this top is because I loved the style I saw in the websites photo, but I was confused when the item I received did not have any lace up threads in the front, nor did it have any holes to add any strings.  Very misleading since its even in the products name.  The bell bottoms are a similar situation.  In the product photo it looks like an exact replica to, a brand I adore, Novella Royale.  But the Print I received is completely different, probably because it is a dupe (replica).  Since it is a dupe I did not expect the pair to look exactly as the real name brand quality… but they should include a stock photo on the website of the real pants you are buying.  The Novella Royale Flares retail for maybe $200+ and these only cost $15.95.  So you do get the look for less– but I believe that they should include correct stock images for both items.  I suppose that’s the risk of buying on some cheaper priced sites online.

Now that you can see the real clothing in my outfit at least you can make a real judgement of what the items look like and if you would like to buy them.  If it was not for the misleading stock images I would have no complaints about them, but because I was expecting something else.. I suppose I am just not 100% satisfied.  I have received more clothing from them so in some future looks you will see the brand redeem themselves 🙂

Question of the Day:  Have you ever bought an item because of the stock photo but received an item that failed to live up to the quality?  Let us know in the comments! 🙂

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

Photography by my partner in crime @TheBoy.Wanders


◈⋙Shop the look◈
Black Bandeau: American Apparel
Top: Yoins
Bell bottoms: Yoins
Ganesh Necklace: Asha Patel Designs
Amethyst Leather Necklace: Asha Patel Designs
Kynite Wrap Bracelet: Asha Patel Designs
Lotus Petal Wrap Bracelet: Asha Patel Designs
Golden Rings (Right Hand): Earthbound Trading
Golden/Brass Rings (Left Hand): Sanktoleono Jewelry
Faux Septum Ring: Rokit Vintage
Earrings: Elnique