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Hale’iwa: Lookbook.nu

Playing tourists in Hale’iwa. 01/06/15.

After seeing a hairdresser in the near by area my boyfriend and I went more by the north shore to the town of Hale’iwa. They have some small shop and some island food places. We went to get acai bowls from Lanikai Juice. If you visit Hawaii this is a great place to experience!

Ive been here a BUNCH of times as an Oahu local, but this is the first time Ive been here since I moved to Cali months ago~

In todays look I am wearing the 2 piece set I bought from the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. I bought it during this trip~ I love wearing 2 piece sets <3

Todays Featured items are from Watermark Collective, Gydja CollectionFreyrs and  Indiverve Retail Company Ltd!

❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪ ❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪

This Beautiful handmade Seashell Necklace is from the etsy shop called Watermark Collective! This specific style is called “Wailea Tripper“. This gorgeous piece is handcrafted with beautiful cowrie shells, bright sterling silver beads, creamy-white buffalo bone beads, American Sleeping Beauty turquoise nuggets, and a Hawaiian sunrise shell (it seems to be waxing into a moonrise shell!) pendant all strung on supple white leather cord made from top grain, hand selected hides from around the world. This necklace is long so you can wear it at your desired length. The ends of Wailea Tripper are tied with cowrie shells for an extra shell clink in your step. (As with all handcrafted pieces, these jewels are delicate and should not be worn when playing sports, swimming, showering, etc.) Check out more beautiful Seashell necklaces on the etsy store HERE!~

❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪ ❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪

The headpiece is inspired by the silver wire of the traditional dress of Iceland.

Icelandic national costume, also known in Icelandic as Þjóðbúningurinn is the traditional dress of Iceland. It truly reflects the pure Icelandic heritage.  Each and every piece from the Gydja jewelry collection has a true meaning or inspiration from the Icelandic heritage. It is inspired by either the Icelandic national costume, the Viking runes or the Icelandic magical staves.  Icelandic national costume, also known in Icelandic as Þjóðbúningurinn is the traditional dress of Iceland. It truly reflects the pure Icelandic heritage.

See this Silver head piece on the website HERE!

❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪ ❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪

Freyrs Eyewear helped really make this a Hippie Retro Look!  I am forever in love with colored tinted frames.  The change in tint really gives you a cool vision on your surroundings, makes things feel even more surreal in a beautiful area.  I am wearing the “Indie Hippie Retro Vintage Style Colorful Metal Round Sunglasses” in Yellow tint, they have a bunch of colors to choose from!  Pick you fav on the website HERE!

❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪ ❣✚ ✪✣✤✥ ✦❉❥❦ ❧❃❂❁❀❣✚ ✪

Its no secret that I love wearing silver cuffs!  This Silver embossed cuff from Indiverve is really one of my most fav I own!  It is a slightly bendable cuff so I am able to shape it to fit securely to my upper arm or wrist!  The details on the cuff really give it a tribal vibe. so cute, see this item on the website HERE!

-25% off your purchase at Indiverve Retail Company ltd with the code STARDUST25 at checkout! take advantage of this amazing offer!

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

*Silver Head Piece: Gydja Collection
SeaShell Necklace: Watermark Collective
Sunglasses: Freyrs
Purse: She + Lo
Silver Cuff:  Indiverve Retail Company Ltd
2 Piece: From a booth @ the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet