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About the Brand

“At Hyperbiotics, we believe that everything starts in your gut.This belief (though backed by tremendous research) has been reinforced for us through personal experience.Before founding Hyperbiotics, I was an avid traveler and lover of life. After a trip abroad for a friend’s wedding, I became gravely ill. Nausea, extreme fatigue and severe bloating kept me in bed for nearly 6 months. The future seemed bleak as no doctor was able to give me a clear answer – and I saw at least 15 different specialists.After months of my own personal research, I began to understand the importance of gut health and that everything – from chlorine in our water, rounds of antibiotics and not being breastfed as a child, to the antibiotics in our livestock – had left me severely deficient in my most important weapon against illness: probiotics. This had left me extremely susceptible to disease, namely parasites.Finally, after a colon biopsy, I got an accurate diagnosis – the parasite Entamoeba Histolytica. The road to recovery began, but little did I know that the path of illness had opened my mind to a whole new world of health. I was now empowered with knowledge about the role of gut health in our overall health wellbeing and I began to understand that probiotics are the future of medicine (read more about the research here).

My next quest was to formulate a better probiotic – the one I wish I had access to before and after I became ill. Hyperbiotics was born. Our mission now is to educate the world on the truths surrounding gut health and probiotic supplements.

And we are on a mission to empower individuals to reach their potential by delivering to them the full benefits probiotics have to offer. Using patented technology, we are proud to say that we have finally been able to formulate the world’s most effective probiotic supplements.

Enjoy the power packed goodness!”

– Jamie & The Hyperbiotics Team
About the Product

Review Experience
My Initial thoughts (04/02/2015):
I’ve been told that probiotics would help with my stomach acid problems + acne.  So for those reasons I am very excited to try this product.

The Product itself looks like candy.  A small yellow/tan ball.  It does not say anywhere on the bottle if you should chew it or just swallow.. so initially I took a bite into it then filled with regret I swallowed all of the bits.. lol.

Day One: I didn’t really notice any difference.  I honestly started to eat acid things so I still had acid problems this day. (fruit juice + tomato sauce= acidic tummy)

Day Two: I swallowed it whole this time.  But in the morning I noticed my acne being less swollen looking, I suppose that means the healing process is beginning.

I honestly don’t feel noticeably different.  But I will continue to take this product.  I am confident that the Probiotics are probably helping my stomach in ways inside that I can’t sense from the outside.

Update (08/02/2015):
I had stopped taking these for a few months, and a few weeks ago began again when my stomach health started to bother me again.  I had been doing my research online and really learning more now that probiotics is really recommended for gut health, and now I have been taking it more seriously.

I have taken it everyday for a few weeks and with this product once a day + an improved diet I really do feel changes.

Prior to taking it again, my acid reflux had gotten to a bad point where I felt a pain at least once a day.  Now I don’t at all, or significantly less.  I really recommend this product if you are suffering with acid reflux.  But remember the product can only do so much, a change in diet is also necessary.


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