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Siren Chic:

Today makes a month of my blog.  Im really glad for following through with it,  this blog may just seem like simple style posts.  But I feel like im following my bliss by working on my bohemian styling.   The past few months prior to making this blog I worked at American Apparels Hawaii store.  I was the store merchandiser there.  I learned a lot, but felt out of my element not being able to style in a way that I would normally dress.  It was a great opportunity and I am grateful to have had the chance to be apart of that workplace.

This morning I got a shared on gypsy warriors instagram page of one of my looks– they deleted the post an hour later but im still pretty proud of my self for getting recognized. ^____^V

This month has been a great month of growth and I know I can only go up from here!

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

*Hat: Lack of Color Aus
Dress: My Mothers old dress
Moon Cuff: Gypsy Warrior
seashell necklace: From a local artist who sells @ Art&Flea events
Gypsy Coin accessories: Stardust Bohemian (made by me)