Happy in the Sunshine

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Todays Featured items are from Watermark Collective and Gydja Collection!

This Beautiful handmade Seashell Necklace is from the etsy shop called Watermark Collective! This specific style is called “Wailea Tripper“. This gorgeous piece is handcrafted with beautiful cowrie shells, bright sterling silver beads, creamy-white buffalo bone beads, American Sleeping Beauty turquoise nuggets, and a Hawaiian sunrise shell (it seems to be waxing into a moonrise shell!) pendant all strung on supple white leather cord made from top grain, hand selected hides from around the world. This necklace is long so you can wear it at your desired length. The ends of Wailea Tripper are tied with cowrie shells for an extra shell clink in your step. (As with all handcrafted pieces, these jewels are delicate and should not be worn when playing sports, swimming, showering, etc.) Check out more beautiful Seashell necklaces on the etsy store HERE!~

I am wearing a bunch of items from Gydja Collection today! the first items you notice are these beautiful and trendy Metallic Tattoos! These gorgeous metallic temporary tattoos, Charm by Gydja are Inspired by the Icelandic magical staves, Viking runes, the silver wire of the traditional dress of Iceland and the free spirits and gypsy souls out there.

I also am wearing Golden rings from Gydjas Collection. Each and every piece from the Gydja jewelry collection has a true meaning or inspiration from the Icelandic heritage. It is inspired by either the Icelandic national costume, the Viking runes or the Icelandic magical staves.

See Gydjas collection of temporary metallic tattoos on the site HERE, and Jewelry HERE!

I have about two more weeks left in hawaii, and I have some fashion projects in the works that I cant wait to share! I hope you all are enjoying the rest of 2014! 🙂

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

*Sea Shell Necklace: Watermark Collective (Etsy)
Metallic Tattoos: Gydja Collection
Golden Rings: Gydja Collection
Shorts: American Apparel
Kimono: Nasty Gal
Fringe Bikini: Tom Top
Sunglasses: Free People