Water Colors

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Water Color: Lookbook.nu

Today I want to feature these awesome sunglasses from ZeroUV! They are an awesome sunglasses store that has A TON of sunglasses for sale at great prices. Todays frames I am wearing are the “VINTAGE HALF FRAME CLASSIC CLUBMASTER CLASSIC OPTICAL RX SUNGLASSES 2947” They have such a classic look to them that I love. I chose these frames so that my boyfriend and I can share them! They are really cool~ Check them out ZeroUVs website HERE! Eye protection is so important, I hope you guys get some from their website to protect your eyes from those UV rays!

Todays outfit is really simple. idk if you can tell but the water color print thing I am wearing is a really large scarf! My friend gave it to me as a going away present when I moved to cali recently <3 && as usual I finished the outfit off with my usual bohemian jewelry. Do you guys have any cool fashion present from your close friends? let me know in the comments! <3 --Peace, Love + Light xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)