Whats in my Travel Bag!

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Today Ill share with you guys my travel essentials that I recently brought with me on my vacation!


This Magic Wallet is AMAZING. It kept all of my things in Order when traveling in and out of different countries! (especially when I also have to keep track of my boyfriends important documents as well). It has a money/cash pocket like a regular wallet, 4 slots for Cards/Hotel Room Keys, but my favorite thing is the passport holder– thats really what sets it apart from any other wallets I have.
And if you are like me bring a small travel companion ^__^V


OBEY travel bag. Ive had this Travel bag for awhile now. Got it for a great price on Karmaloop! Its a hand carry that can also transform into a backpack with straps on the bottom! So good for when one hand gets tired from carrying everything from airport to hotel AND back.


Here are some of my favorite things that I am really glad i bought before I stopped working at American Apparel~~

Medium Leather Carry-All pouch! It really helps to keep me organized. In the larger pouch I usually put my chargers, ipad, and headphones (generally electronics) so that I can just whip it out of my bag and not dig when im already seated in the airplane.

The leather makeup pouch is just the right size to hold my favorite makeup items.

ANNND remembering to bring a hair brush is so important #longhairproblems

1) Olay makeup Wipes (for sensitive skin). You can get these makeup wipes at almost any Drug Store.
2) OBAGI face soap. This face soap is really good if you typically have really oily face. I bought this product from my dermatologists office. But maybe you can get it online too…?
3) Clarisonic MIA face scrubber! This product really helped me clean my face more thoroughly after I take off my makeup. For best results first lather your face soap on then scrub your face with the mia! (a woman at sephora said do not use your mia as a makeup remover because it will ruin the bristles). You can buy this scrubber at sephora– and ive even seen them at the Navy Exchange!
4) No Drought dry Shampoo from LUSH! Because I have really colored/fragile hair I cannot wash it everyday. So for in between washes this powder is my savior since i tend to have really oily roots! (probably from fixing my bangs often). You can buy this item at any LUSH location!
5) Acid Reducer Tablets! (pepcid AC/tums works as well) You can probably get these at any drug store! It really helps for when you are traveling and you are not eating as healthy as you should be >.<

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Do you have any travel favorites that you cant leave home without? Please let us know in the comments below!

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)